global internet government 

global internet government

my name is charles webster baer. gig is global internet government. it is now july 28th , 2003 , in portland , oregon , usa. gig is my idea for a web site that will convince the human race that it should stop breeding for a few decades. get it on. I am running for president of the usa. this blog will have four parts. this is part one where I talk about gig. part two is where I talk about wimon, world internet monitoring organization. part three is where I talk about why I should be elected president of the usa twice soon. part four is where I talk about myself. If you have any comments , the chat room is
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part one

global internet government


Today is august 26 , 2003 , in portland , oregon , and Im gunna tell ya'll what gig is.
gig is global internet government. gig is my idea for a web site. I got this idea in portland , oregon , usa in the spring of 2000. GIG WILL UPDATE AND CLARIFY THE CURRENT POLICY OF THE IMF ( INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND ) AND THE UN AND THE US NAVY , FOR EVERY COUNTRY , IN EVERY LANGUAGE , AUDIO AND VISUAL. gig will put social and economic pressure on all governments to provide all women with total and complete access to all forms of birth control. this is the only way to create a permanent decline in the human population. this is the only way for the environment to survive. gig will have no money. gig is the media. gig is like eventually , gig will stop being the media and start being the law , but that is many decades away.
so , anyway , gig is happening. gig will happen. it is simply a question of if it will happen soon enough to save earth or not. gig is the logical evolution of the internet. gig is what the internet is going to become in its next phase. for freedom to survive , all information must be free and public on the internet.


part two

W.I.M.O.N. world internet monitoring organization nation


all gig's will come equipped with a wimon. a wimon will keep track of all gig's. a wimon will tell you which gig's are accurate and which are not. all gig's will make predicitions at the end of every year. these predictions are for the following year. these predictions are for the amount of money each country will recieve from other countries or give to other countries in the form of economic loans or aid. its all numbers. its all math. country x has y number of people so , if its population decreases by z , over a days , it will recieve b amount of aid. if the population of country x increases , it will recieve no aid.


part three

vote for me


I will be running for president of the usa until I win my second term or 2033 , which ever comes first. I am a fiscal republican , I am for less taxes , less government. however , I am pro choice , anti school prayer , pro legalization of drugs and nudity , etc. basically , I will just bend with the polls.


part four

who is baer


charles webster baer , me , was born and raised in santa cruz , california , in january 1969. I went to high school in newport , rhode island. In 1994 I graduated from the university of hawaii at hilo , on the big island. I then moved to santa fe , new mexio for a few years. In 1999 I moved to portland , oregon and have lived here ever since.
I need lots of hot , naked , quiet chicks to come over to my pad tonight.


part five

other stuff


call me up in portland , oregon , 503 - 830 - 7978

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